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Vision Towards Zenith

The theme for TEDXYouth@LAHSGwalior is: “VISION TOWARDS ZENITH”. We believe that the title speaks of itself. Since time immemorial, every considerate human being has desired to enjoy the best of life; in other words ‘to stay on the zenith’. Though the definition of this ‘Best’ may vary from person to person, one thing is sure – when one achieves that desired ‘Best’ in his life, such a person is said to have touched the core of SUCCESS. However, success does not come as a random result. It is sum total of various elements like diligence, persistence, perseverance, positive attitude and so on. People are always curious to hear leadership stories and perch on the idea which leads one to the ‘Zenith’ of success through a clarity of vision. So, this is the catch! We believe that the talks at TEDXYouth@LAHSGwalior will inspire the audience with articulation of that ‘vision’ which took the speaker to the ‘zenith’ in his/her respective area.

About TED

Why not spread good ideas worldwide? With this thought was born TED—a non-profit organization devoted to spreading ideas which can lead to creating a better world. Started in 1984, TED initially began as a converging point for Technology, Entertainment & Design but the dimension expanded soon and TED became a banner ...

About TEDx

TEDx is, in fact, local and community-based version of TED where people from all walks of life can talk about their “Ideas Worth Sharing” and create a community of speakers, keen listeners and knowledge-seekers all imbibed with a common agenda: to create a better world by the power of idea crystallizing into meaningful action...


Little Angels High School has believed in ‘innovation’ since its inception. TEDxLAHSis a new initiative in our continuous efforts to celebrate the culture of ideating and idea-sharing. Little Angels High School is proud to be the first school of Gwalior and only second institution in the whole of Madhya Pradesh to organise a TEDx event...


Tina Olyai: An Active Leader, A Versatile Writer, A Well Recognised Persona

In 1990, the historical city of Gwalior in India was not a very happening place. In those nascent days, Tina Olyai—a 24 year old girl who migrated to this small town after marriage—saw a dream together with her husband, Sunil Olyai. The dream was simple, the dream was great. They both wanted to set up a school for children with a marked difference from other existing schools of Gwalior. They wanted to rear the children in the ‘Garden of God’ where each one of them becomes as ‘little angels’. The idea bloomed into reality and thus came in existence Little Angels School. This was to be a distinguished school where children do not excel only academically but also spiritually, because the ambitious couple was driven by the vision of Baha’u’llah—the Prophet Founder of the Baha’i Faith—who clearly said: “Every child is potentially the light of the world…



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Why not spread good ideas worldwide? With this thought was born TED—a non-profit organization devoted to spreading ideas which can lead to creating a better world.

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Our Speakers

Aradhana Lal

Vice President-Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.

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Aradhana Lal VP-Brand Communications & Sustainability Initiatives, Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd

She is a dynamic corporate leader who has had the vision to change the employment scenario for the differently able. As the Vice President, Brand, Communication and Sustainability at the Lemon Tree Hotels, she proudly calls it her business model to employ these people and give them an equal opportunity. Their strategy is to build an inclusive employee base and has been hiring Employees With Disabilities (EWD) for 11 years and the goal is to take this to ~20% in FY 2020-202. At TEDxYouth@LAHSGwalior she will talk about How to Rethink Disability.

Simerjeet Singh

Director of Cutting Edge Learning Systems

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Simerjeet Singh Director of Cutting Edge Learning Systems

He is a highly sought after Motivational Speaker and life coach of international acclaim. He is the founder and director of cutting edge learning systems. His mission is to help young minds find their own definition of success and celebrate their inner selves. His talks and interactive sessions provide a fresh perspective, cultivated through working with businesses, educational institutes and non-profit organizations globally for more than a decade. At the event he will talk about ‘The Art of Stepping into the Unknown’ based on the lessons from his journey of personal reinvention.

Ragini Chandershekar

Classical Dancer

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Ragini Chandershekar Classical Dancer

She is a renowned classical dancer who is ranked amongst the finest and most vibrant Bharatanatyam dancers of her generation. Equipped with her superlative training in dance, her dance glows with the rare magic of purity and adherence to the traditional form. Ragini has performed at several prestigious festivals, both at home and abroad, Ragini has also been regularly performing for SPIC MACAY all over India. A graded artiste of Doordarshan and a senior empanelled artiste with the ICCR, she has extensively toured the world extensively. As a teacher at her centre, Kalangan-Centre for Classical Arts, New Delhi, Ragini has been successfully imparting training in Bharatanatyam to young aspirants . In recognition of her brilliant talent as a performing artiste, she has been conferred with the highly prestigious Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar by the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi, the title of “Yuva Kala Bharati” by Bharat Kalachar in Chennai and many more honours.

Tanya Mittal

CEO Handmadelove, Miss Asia 2018

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Tanya Mittal CEO Handmadelove, Miss Asia 2018

She is an LAHS alumni who is the CEO of her handicrafts business HANDMADELOVE. Also she has been crowned Miss ASIA 2018. Youngest Millionaire of India and Miss Asia Tourism Universe 2018 from Chandigarh University, her formula to success is failure is equals to experience. She adorns multiple crowns- one as an entrepreneur – owner of a handicraft business at the age of 22 with zero initial investment, which has now reached INR 5-6 lakhs a month. She will speak about - How to Be The Celebrity You.

Ashri Jaiswal

Co-Founder www.ziniosa.com

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Ashri Jaiswal Co-Founder www.ziniosa.com

She is an LAHS alumni and an engineer by qualification, who has worked abroad as a Project Management Analyst and was quite enjoying her job until the day her passion for technology, innovation and fashion led her to think beyond. She has cofounded Ziniosa a handbag rental service which is a step towards sustainable fashion. Her talk is about the economical benefits of rental fashion which she believes can provide an effective solution to fashion’s biggest problem, sustainability.

Saumya Pankaj

Driving The India Craft Project

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Saumya Pankaj Driving The India Craft Project

She is yet another LAHS alumni who has made her almamater proud. She is currently driving the India Craft Project and believes that the only reason to collaborate is to add or create value; to achieve things collectively that one cannot achieve individually. While working together as a team is tough, the individuals – and groups – who can do that best are the ones who will have the greatest impact on our future. Here, currency is not just about the monetary measure, it's the people driving it. She is here to share it with us through her talk – Creativity is never truly an individual exercise.

Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj

Author and Environmentalist

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Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj Author and Environmentalist

He is a young author, environmentalist and international blogger and LAHS alumnus. His first book ‘Environmental Ethics and India’s Perspective on Environment’ has been published by National Book Trust of India and released at World Book Fair 2018, putting him in the league of one of the youngest authors whose book has been published by the Govt. Of India. He has published 11 International Research Papers till date and has also represented India at several prestigious international events. As a speaker at TEDxYouth@LAHSGwalior he would speak about The Theory of Plurality of Reality: Man & Nature, and sharing with us the solution to Environmental Crisis: ABC with Nature.

Shailai Tandon

LAHS Student

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Shailai Tandon LAHS Student

She is a promising LAHS scholar is the youngest speaker at the event. She is blessed with multiple talents and at the age of just 15 has won herself many accolades in diverse fields such as Public Speaking, Designing, Creative Arts and even Computer Programming. Her passion lies in exploring different arenas of life and she loves to carry out her own research about anything that intrigues her. Like all teenagers she was also caught by the dilemma of whether to follow the ancient Indian traditions or go for the apparently cool western ways. So she decided to figure out for herself by means of an extensive research during which she met and interacted with a host of people from sadhus and priests to scientists and doctors. She also studied the scriptures and science journals. At TEDxYouth@LAHSGwalior she will share her findings with the world through her talk titled ‘Where Science Meets Indian Tradition’.

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Event Blog

TEDxYouth@LAHSGwalior initiative warmly welcomed by LAHS fraternity

The announcement by LAHS Director Mrs. Tina Olyai about the forthcoming TEDx event at LAHS had a 'Big Bang' affect among the learned teachers of Little Angels High School. Always keen on welcoming and sharing new ideas, the teachers reflected their excitement by gathering for a grand photo session followed by high tea. While a number of teachers are directly involved in the 'Core Committee' to help in logistics for the actual TEDx event, cooperation was assured by each and all. For a school which believes in 'Love & Unity', this was yet another occasion to show their solidarity and express their collective joy!

LAHS students gear up for TEDx

Here comes an opportunity to spark the zeal for 'IDEAS WORTH SHARING'. The news of the upcoming TEDxYouth@LAHSGwalior spread like a hay-fever amongst LAHS student community. When the School is all set to hold such a grand event, how could they sit silently? A stir began immediately and in a number of creative ways did they express how happy they are to welcome eminent speakers and idea-sharers to their school's lush-green surrounding! And ... this was just a beginning! Our innovative children are now up and doing to make the upcoming event a talk of the town!




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